Hello from Joy Paper Designs

Dr. Joy Velarde Joy Paper Designs Psychologist

My name is Dr. Joy Velarde and I am the founder and creator of Joy Paper Designs, LLC. As a clinical psychologist and mental health advocate, I wanted to create a dated mental health planner that would help my patients track and battle their mental health symptoms. There are other resources out there and other ways to track your mental health, but I found that there were no options for dated planners. That's when I decided to take a leap and create one myself!
As a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist, I often use mood logs and thought logs with my own patients. I typically give them one page each week, ask them to fill it out, and bring it back to therapy the following week. What I have noticed is that when someone is feeling especially tired, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, they are less likely to complete their logs. My Journey Planner was created to make tracking and logging your mental health easier. With this dated planner, I hope that even on days when you're feeling overwhelmed, this easy layout will lead you to simply circle how you've been feeling, prompt you to jot down something you're grateful for, or give you ideas on how to take care of yourself each day. 
I hope that you find my products to be helpful in your journey to living your best life and being the best version of yourself! You're always welcome to reach out to me at hello@joypaperdesigns.com.
Thank you for your support!
Joy Velarde, PsyD